One Buco a Day Keeps the Doctor’s Away

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The coconut is known as a tree of life. And I totally agree to that. The entire tree, from its roots to the tips of its leaves has their own purpose to serve – to human and the environment.

Each day, I would buy one buko and drink its juice to cleanse my body. Aside from it’s helping me with urination; it’s also helping me in removing my body trash through constant bowel movement. I also noticed that it is giving me energy to cope up for the day’s stress – just an observation.

It also has many uses – cooking, producing coconut oil, lumber and many more. They were all stated in Wikipedia, by the way. You may also want to sing Ryan Cayabyab’s “Da Coconut Nut” and be oriented with its importance. The famous virgin coconut oil is also one of the believed miracles that this tree offers.

The Philippines is the second largest producer of coconut. So why eye for an apple if you have the best fruit in town, readily and reasonably available?

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