Nina - Sings The Hits Of Diane Warren, The Album

I’ve always been a fan of Nina ever since she started. I just had her new album last night, “Nina - Sings The Hits Of Diane Warren” and I must say that she truly gave justice to those compositions. However, while listening to the CD, I just felt that something is missing. No doubt, she’s a good singer with an amazing voice but I think this album has safer versions of the songs =).

I was actually expecting something more with “I don’t want to miss a thing”, “I Turn To You” and “Un-break my Heart”. I’m quite frustrated because I felt that the feeling was lost. Maybe, I just liked its original versions. As for the other songs, I love her versions of “I Could Not Ask for More”, “Have you Ever” and “There You’ll be”. For me, that’s Nina’s signature.

After listening, I can say that her album with “Barry Manilow” songs renditions is much better. I love Diane Warren songs and I’m really glad that Nina was able to have a compilation of it. For a fan like me, this is still a great addition to my collection. I still recommend that you buy this album than others=)

Here's the complete list of songs in the album.

image by:titikpilipino

1. I Don't Want To Miss A Thing (4:09)
2. I Turn To You (4:24)
3. Love Will Lead You Back (4:40)
4. Because You Loved Me (4:38)
5. Have You Ever (4:28)
6. Un-Break My Heart (5:03)
7. There You'll Be (3:28)
9. Blue Eyes Blue (4:30)
10. How Can We Be Lovers? (4:33)
11. When I See You Smile (4:36)
12. Saving Forever For You (4:28)
13. How Do I Live (4:12)
15. I Don't Want To Be Your Friend (3:58)

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