100% Pinoy

One of the most enjoyable things I enjoyed is watching TV. Well… aside from my favorite "teleseryes" (soap operas), I also take pleasure from watching up late news and documentary shows of GMA 7. One of these is the 100% Pinoy.

100% Pinoy is hosted by former 2nd runner-up Miss Universe, Miriam Quiambao and Joaquin Valdez. It is actually a very nice and interesting show as it depicts the lifestyle of the Filipinos. Aside from it's really entertaining, I find it also very informative because they includes history in the background. I also personally like the hosts because their enthusiasm in narrating different stories can be really felt by their audience. I dunno, when they started airing the show but I think that so far they have the best episodes. My favorites include the story of crabs and Filipino Crab mentality, Bakya ni Neneng and the recently, Pinoy Foods. I found one video from YouTube about their ep on Bakya ni Neneng. Congrats Mirriam and Joaquin. =)

Take a peek.. I bet you’ll like it =) Enjoy

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