Oh, my! Another Scam again!

It’s been a while and I actually want to have a fresh start. This is not a good one but just a reminder to those people who are very trusting like me.

I dunno why I’m being flooded with scams from people I don’t know and now from the people I personally knew. I was hoping that those people were the last persons to do me such thing but I guess it’s no good to trust someone whose house is just right next to yours.

Okay, because I hate her so much for being a liar – I’ll call her the best liar in town! The name is Armin Holloman (in case, please don’t trust this bitch!). A woman full of envy, lies and fats… har har har… Okay that’s foul.
My story with her evolves with the Bayantel Span phone line. She actually borrowed a PLDT bill that’s under my name to get a 500 peso discount from her subscription. I gave her a copy of the bill in good faith and tad ah!!! The first bill was sent to my address. With an aim to provide her savings of 500 pesos, my name was used for personal interest, my signature was forged to death and I almost drown myself with bills that I never used!
Well… we made some confrontations and fortunate she is, the story was twisted and the Bayantel agent was to be blamed. So to make the story short, she has proven herself innocent, well in fact, she owe our neighbourhood with debts and fake stories of her 80M. Bitch!

If it’s not for my aunt, I wouldn’t have trust her at once. I heard her stories and who from this earth with proper mind would announce that she will get 80M pesos... how pathetic?! Just to draw attention and encourage people, she’s willing to make stories… nonsense stories of envy and arrogance.

So the story about the Bayanytel bill under my name is finished and it really sucks that I wasn’t able to prove that she’s really guilty. I have my witnesses by the way. For the Bayantel people, I hope that they would ask for some Identification before let someone applies for their telephone service. I also hope that they would do something about changing some personal information with just a phone call! Shame on them! I wonder what happens with the investigation. Now do I sound very angry?! I’m not ‘coz one week have already passed and you’ll never want to see me in such state!

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