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There are lots of MP3 and MP4 players coming out today. There have been hundreds of imitations that offers the same brand but of different quality. I’ve seen fake Sonys, ipods, Samsung, Pensonic (sounds like Panasonic) as well as numbers of China-made MP3s and a lot more. But, I haven’t seen any fake Creative brands at all. Geez!

My ZenV Plus, though 1GB is giving me a true satisfaction. The ZEN V PLUS can accommodate photos, videos and music and also features an FM radio. Aside from its cute and chic appearance, I really like its sound. It’s very soothing to the ear and also convenient because I can bring my important docus with me and be able to access it at anytime. I can record my voice and listen to some podcasts, too!

I know my ZENV Plus is not the best in the market. And for many gadget geeks, this is not something to be amazed of. Well… I’m just sharing a piece of not-so-new gadget features that gives me a lot of things to be satisfied of. Whew! this gadget is just perfect for me!

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