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With thousands of blogs added on the web these days, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to set your blog apart from the others. The big question now is HOW? The answer is Smart SEO.

For average surfers and/or bloggers, SEO is something that can’t be neglected. Writing about something important, new and interesting on blogs can be considered as one of the greatest form of sharing. However, today’s blog doesn’t have to be all about writing. It’s a whole new way to earn – a lot… I meant a lot!
I found one interesting post, a share of thoughts and proven study from Celine Roque entitled Social Media Optimization and the Social Media Press Release. It talks about the Smart SEO Blog or can be better called as the “Social Media Optimization.”

SMO, as it was explained in her post is actually a “subset of a bigger SEO universe and is becoming more and more integral to a site’s popularity.” This method is implemented on a site for various reasons such as (1) making it easier to link to, (2) making it included in related blog posts and podcasts and (3) making it searchable on sociable media engines.

Furthermore, the post is focused on the new press release format that would be more effective and can excellently contribute to the ranking of your website. Read more about this post here.

Remember that when you have great and honest posts, you’ll have more readers. But readers can only be generated through a smart optimization of your blogs and/or website. Better ranking means more reader means greater income and it still all comes down to optimizing it well. Why don’t you look at John Chows’ income report? Pretty amazing and indeed inspiring!

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