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I've been writing for sometime now, I meant technical writing. I used to hold pencil, colored pens and now the keyboard in front of me. As I looked back in my writing career, I came to realized that the technology has stolen my capacity to hold those old writing tools. I must also say that I don't have great technical writing abilities since I'd rather choose writing free verse and simple poems, short stories and other essays. I remembered joining in some contests during my premier and secondary years, that’s really awesome! I got my first trophy when I was in sophomore and from then on, I committed myself into writing for our school paper, of which I didn't have the chance to be a part of. "Nag sa-submit lang ako with my aliases"

Back into the reality, I'm now focus on writing technical contents for various websites I optimize. Cars, pets, and advertisings are just some of the "interesting" topics I normally wrote... That's what I always tell to myself, Interesting, isn't it? Then I caught myself in a series of references copied from the www to my Word processor. Read it, copy a part of it and have it rewritten with an advertising sound.

I don't know if I could turn back those enthusiasm days that I would hold a pen again and start to write something on a paper. It's always the start that gives me a hard time. I've been with my pc all day long and the commands, copy (ctrl+C) and paste (ctrl+V) have been my company in doing my work.

Again, ending this post has never been easier. I simply have that same feeling that it should have a remarkable closure just like the stories I used to write. I just can't find that perfect word. Maybe, a wish for my self will do. I wish I could have those early days of my life copied and have it pasted on a clean new paper of today. So that’s it! A far of technical writing and dreaming poems… this a post composed by my heart.

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